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FAST FOOD FAVORITES: The Original Chicken Sandwich at Burger King

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

When the chicken sandwich wars were in full swing in November of 2019, I was perplexed. Murder, brawls, intentional car crashes, and for what? A chicken sandwich. All of this mayhem could have easily been avoided. Why didn't they just go to Burger King?

The Burger King, Original Chicken Sandwich meal includes an order of fries, and a medium size drink. It costs over $9 dollars; incredibly over-priced. But it's New York City, everything is over-priced here. In different counties as well as in different states, the cost is significantly lower. Never have I payed $9 dollars for my favorite chicken sandwich. That's ridiculous. I go the Sunday circular way; it has a slew of Burger King coupons that will save you a bundle, and you'll still have your life after you leave the restaurant. Unlike the drama at Popeyes.

On November 4th of 2019, two days after Popeyes relaunched its chicken sandwich, two men brawled in a Maryland parking-lot over accusations of skipping the line. One of the men was fatally stabbed; the other, charged with murder. Mind you, this is over a chicken sandwich. On November 6th a crazed Karen, tired of waiting at the drive-thru, tried to squeeze between two concrete pillars damaging her Mercedes and Popeyes property. On November 8th, a group of employees were brawling with each other; they found out one of their own was selling the chicken sandwiches (on the side) for some extra dough; this Popeyes was in Los Angeles. There are several more ridiculous incidents, most of which took place in the month of November.

And all of this drama over a f**kin' chicken sandwich. Save a life and save your money: Go to Burger King.



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