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VIDA BITES: Marcus at NoHu Rooftop

The greatest views of NYC are not at the of top of the Empire State Building, nor on The Edge observation deck at the Hudson Yards. The greatest views of New York City, are shockingly on the opposite side of the Hudson River . . . in Weehawken, New Jersey! Yes, it's true. A less than ten-minute ride from Pier 79 in mid-town Manhattan, will lead you to the most intoxicating views of the city that never sleeps. And the best part, there's food involved. Delicious, finger-licking, yet sophisticated, Southern cuisine.

The moment you descend the fairy and exit the Port Imperial terminal, there is no need to hail a cab, as you are right where you need to be; directly across the street from the EnVue Hotel. Simply journey to the sixth floor and cross the hotel lobby to Marcus, a Southern fine-dining restaurant at the NoHu Rooftop. Marcus is named after award-winning chef, and food-network favorite, Marcus Samuelsson. It is a chic, modern set-up that exudes sophistication, yet comfort. Whether you're over-dressed in the latest Fashion Nova knock-off, or casual-comfortable in your favorite Van's, anything goes, and it all fits in.

After having a tasty cigar at Havana on the Hudson cigar lounge, which is two doors down from the EnVue, my tastebuds were eager for a savory bite. I chose to eat at Marcus, because the first time I dined here was merely out of convenience. This time, it was out of necessity. I was craving the sophisticated, Southern cuisine at NoHu Rooftop, not to mention the tasty craft cocktails.

I started with an order of the "Wings With Everything On It." Sounds simple, and, let's be honest, quite boring. But not here! Although the verbiage on the menu leaves much to be desired, the wings at Marcus were anything but boring; they were downright amazing. Usually when you order wings, they are piled on a plate with sauce, sloppily drizzled over them. At NoHu Rooftop there is precision within their presentation. My plate arrived with four, thick, wings spaced out evenly with each wing coated to perfection in a chili, buffalo sauce and garnished with fresh herbs. As I mentioned before, these wings were thick! I tried to be dainty and eat with a fork and a knife, which was laughable. Everyone knows wings are meant to be eaten one way: With your hands. Fuck my new manicure, these wings are getting pounded. The taste of the chili, buffalo sauce was melodic and sweet. The generous drizzle of the garlic aioli, coupled with the sweet buffalo sauce gave the wings a pungent and glorious kick. The description on the menu fails to mention the delicious, pickled cucumber salad that accompanies the dish. It was delightfully refreshing and served as an amazing palate cleanser.

Along with my tasty wings, I had a side of the creamy grits and the delicious herb infused fries. When the grits arrived I was elated, yet shocked at the generous portion. The grits were thick, and creamy with cheddar cheese, and crispy green onions. I couldn't get enough. Recently I went to a well-known soul-food restaurant in Harlem (that shall remain nameless) whose side portion of mac and cheese would make your cat laugh. It was a miniscule scoop in a tiny ramekin, and they had the audacity to charge $7. I'm still pissed about that one. But Marcus don't play that. They want their customers to comeback, instead of taking the pledge we, as consumers, have promised ourselves when we feel slighted: The vow of no return.

Although the menu at NoHu Rooftop may be pricey ($$$), it is well worth the ambiance, the experience, and the most amazing, expansive, views you will ever see of New York City, and possibly within your lifetime.

NoHu Rooftop is located on the 6th floor of the EnVue Hotel at 550 Avenue at Port Imperial, Weehawken, NJ 07086


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